The Vilnius Alternative International Film Festival has a clear mission: to establish itself as a globally recognized cinema event that not only showcases Vilnius, but also enriches the cultural landscape of northern Europe, and promotes an intelligent, open, and active society.

Since its establishment in 2022, this festival has become a prominent platform for showcasing the best works of the film industry from the Baltic Sea region and the Nordic countries. The festival also provides an opportunity for local audiences to stay informed on the latest developments in global cinema.

The Vilnius IFF program is a unique blend of contemporary and classic cinema, featuring not only assertive debut works but also festival hits. The festival is also renowned for its industry section that offers a range of opportunities for film professionals from around the world to discuss the latest trends and to establish sustainable collaborations.

Overall, the Vilnius International Film Festival is an important event in the world of cinema, combining art and entertainment, and promoting cultural exchange and dialogue between filmmakers and audiences. It is a celebration of the art of cinema and a tribute to the city of Vilnius and its rich cultural heritage.

The festival aims to celebrate and promote talented filmmakers worldwide through a big annual event over two days, and qualifying stages held every four months where judges select top entries based on criteria such as originality, creativity, and emotional impact. The festival attracts film enthusiasts, industry professionals, and media representatives, with workshops, and networking opportunities. The event culminates with an awards ceremony honoring the best entries across categories such as Best Feature Film and Best Short Film.

The Vilnius Alternative International Film Festival takes place at the Pasaka Cinema Boutique and is dedicated to showcasing alternative cinema. The festival offers substantial cash prizes for winners in various categories, providing a valuable platform for talented filmmakers from around the world to gain recognition and exposure.

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